Joshua Dean

Joshua Dean

Property Manager

Born and raised in Ballarat, Joshua is enthusiastic, extremely motivated and strongly focused on clear communication to build long lasting client relationships. As a contemporary Property Manager with his hand firmly on the market's pulse, Joshua commits himself to building an honest, transparent and positive relationships with his landlords and tenants. In his role as Property Manager Josh balances the need for high levels of professionalism perfectly with the ability to relate to his clients, understand their needs and raise a smile.

Professional and measured, he also displays a real sense of fun and enthusiasm appreciated by everyone he deals with. Passionate about the rental market, Josh is able to ensure that tenants and landlords alike are excited about their properties and the opportunities each home represents.

For a modern Property Manager who'll cover all bases paired with the experience and resources that Ballarat Real Estate Pty Ltd can offer, Joshua Dean is your next call.

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