Reasons to Sell With Us



Your choice of agency is arguably the single most important decision on the way to the successful sale of your home.

This decision could mean the difference between a top price and a poor price, below expectations.


Ballarat Real Estate Pty Ltd has what it takes to bring you more buyers and hence achieve the best price for you home.

Our ‘checklist to help you select an agent’ will prove this for you. No other agent offers this winning combination.


We’ve got what it takes to get

you the best price!


1. We have an easily identifiable name, synonymous with our city. Our home town website, which no other agent has access to, makes us the first on Google; giving you global coverage. Above all is the automatic choice for locally, interstate and overseas buyers of real estate in Ballarat. Generally they will not know any agents’ names and will simply Google ‘Ballarat real estate’, which will automatically refer them to us. Everyone, everywhere (not just Melbourne buyers) is visiting


2. With real estate, it is position that counts. We operate from Ballarat’s most prominent building in the top Sturt Street location, right in the heart of town, at the intersection of two main highways.

Our window display is regarded as the best in Ballarat.


3. We are open 7 days. All the best out of town buyers are available on weekends, so we work when they are in town to buy.

We are the only advertising agent open 7 days; everyone else is closed. You would be crazy to list with an agent who is not open 7 days.


4. Our exclusive link to the Australian market via a network of offices, i.e. the Property Profile Group.


5. We have one of the largest teams of experienced, professional sales people.


6. We have been established since 1983 and have developed a large, loyal database of clients and registered buyers to whom we automatically publicise your home.