Tenant Resources

Do you have questions about renting through Ballarat Real Estate? Don't worry, we have you covered. 

Only the people listed on your original Lease Agreement are permitted to reside at the premises permanently. If a new tenant wishes to move in or an existing tenant move out, our office must be contacted before this happens. Bond money is non-transferable.

We are committed to ensuring your property is maintained to the highest standard at all times. Request for maintenance should be reported in writing to our office direct to bre@ballaratrealestate.com.au or via our maintenance page by clicking here. When reporting any maintenance please include any relevant information such as the make and model of appliances, and if you can include photos of the maintenance. 

Urgent Maintenance 
In the case of an urgent repair outside of office hours, please call our on call Property Manager on 0439 312 233. Please provide the following information so we can arrange the most suitable contractor to attend the property. 

  • Your full name 
  • The property address
  • Your best contact number
  • Some details about the issue

Notice to Vacate
Twenty-eight (28) days notice in writing is required. A form to notify us of this is available at our office for you to complete. This must be completed even if your original lease agreement has expired. If you wish to break your lease agreement by vacating early, we will try to assist you. Please contact our office so this can be organised for you and we can explain your legal responsibilities. Rent is paid until the 28th day or until the day that all keys are returned. The carpets must be professionally steam cleaned and a receipt provided. A forwarding address and telephone number must also be given. Once your keys have been returned, a final inspection will be conducted at the property and the return of your bond then organised.

Breaking your Lease

Every now and then a tenancy is unable to be carried through until the final date as per the Tenancy Agreement. A tenant must put their intentions in writing and provide this to our office immediately . Once this has been returned we will do everything possible to locate a suitable tenant to move into the property.

A tenant is responsible for any loss of rent arising from early contact termination. Many tenants find it easier to continue to pay rent during the vacant period rather than accrue a rent liability until such time the property is re-leased or the tenancy expires.  

The tenant is also responsible for reimbursing the owner for charges they such as a pro-rata leasing fee and advertising costs. For example, if a tenant breaks their 12-month agreement by 6 months then they would be responsible for reimbursing half of the new leasing fee to the owner. The owner would be responsible for the payment of the remainder of the fee as the tenant has used that portion of their agreement.